Grenze Deutschland/Tschechische Republik

Border Germany/Czech Republic

First sub-area in the river Elbe after crossing the Czech-German border

The sub-area is located in the upper reaches of the Elbe in the water gap where the river cuts through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. This is the last time the river crosses mountains. The German headwaters start with a wide meander before the river turns to the northwest again. The Elbe still has the distinct character of an upland river and erosion exceeds sedimentation. Gradually the slope decreases.

In this section the river is straightened and reinforced by coarse gravel. No transverse structures or barrages obstruct the waterway.

In the sub-area ‘Grenze Deutschland/Tschechische Republik’ (border Czech Republic-Germany) the contaminant load of the Elbe at its entry to Germany can be measured.

Sampling site

  • First sampling site of the river Elbe after crossing the Czech-German border



Sampling period

1993 - 2022