Cumlosen (km 470)

The river Elbe at Cumlosen
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Northernmost sampling site in the Middle Elbe

The sampling site Cumlosen extends between river kilometres 470 and 474. It lies in the nature preserve Elbe-Aland Niederung (lowland) and in the homonymous bird sanctuary. The width of the river varies between 170 and 300 metres.

This section of the river still belongs to the Middle Elbe. The river banks are near-natural with extensive riparian forests on the left side and dams on the right. The inner sides of the dike are used as grazing land.

The area of the sampling site includes an approx. one hectare harbour basin, which is used as marina. At river kilometre 474 a car ferry is operating. Adjacent to the sampling site is an area of the Federal Agency of Technical Relief which was formerly used as border observation post.

A permanent monitoring site of the International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe (ICPE) is installed within the sampling site.  
Bream are caught in the main stream whereas zebra mussels are sampled within the marina.



Sampling period

1993 - 2022