Soil profile of the sampling site SB-Staden; Photo FHG IME
Soil profile SB-Staden; Photo FHG IME Zoom in

The sampling site SB-Staden is located in a floodplain between the Saar and the city of Saarbrücken.

It represents a sectional area of the river system of the Saar and the industrial town Saarbrücken in the south of the Saarland conurbation. The sampling site is located in the district St. Johann directly at the river Saar and is used as a park area for more than 100 years. The soil type is a Vega  (German soil classification KA 4) of fluvial sediments.

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  • Soil is livelihood and biosphere for humans, animals, plants and soil organisms. All the substances brought in are transported, transformed and/or accumulated in the soil.


Sampling period

2002 - 2018

Extended information