Weil (km 174)

The river Rhine near Weil
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Sampling site situated directly downriver of the Basle chemical industries

The sampling site Weil lies upstream of the barrage Märkt on the German side and includes the main stream and the barrage canal. In this section the Rhine is completely straightened and widened. In the direct neighbourhood of the barrage canal is a marina with a capacity of about 60 small boats. The old industrial harbour of Weil is located approximately 200 metres upstream of the marina. An adjacent road and the Rhine are separated by a foot path and a channel with groundwater which enters the Rhine downstream of the barrage. No above-ground discharges are found in this river section.

At Weil samples are taken from zebra mussels, bream, and suspended particulate matter.



Sampling period

1995 - 2022

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