Ostseite (Belauer See)

East side (Lake Belau)
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Hedgerows, grassland, and grazing land

The sampling sites for beech and earthworms are located on the east side of Lake Belau. The sampling site for beech covers the whole sub-area WEG Belauer See and includes all beeches in hedgerows which are at least 40 years old.

The sampling site for earthworms is limited to areas which are at the east side of Lake Belau and meet the following criteria:

  • it is used as grassland or grazing land,
  • the vegetation belongs to the Cynosurion association (grazing land with crested dog’s tail (Cynosurus cristatus) as one of the dominating plants),
  • the soil is a cambisol,
  • the area is not sloping to the lake.


  • As the most dominant deciduous tree species in Central Europe, it plays a significant role in most nearly natural and also anthropogenically influenced forest ecosystems up to an altitude of 1100 m.
  • As an organism living at ground level, it is a major driver of the decomposition of organic material (e.g. plant litter).


Sampling period

1989 - 2021