Tonalide®; formula: C18H26O; CAS Registry Number: 1506-02-1

One of the world's most important fragrance among the chemical group of polycyclic musks

AHTN is a polycyclic musk used as synthetic fragrance, e.g. in cosmetics, personal care products like soaps, shampoos, deodorants, lotions, household and laundry cleaning products, air fresheners, papers and textiles.

Following use, AHTN enters the environment through waste waters and sewage sludge.  
Its degradation is slow. It is lipohilic and thus accumulated by organisms.

AHTN is phototoxic. Furthermore, it is toxic to aquatic organisms and soil organisms in prolonged tests. Weak endocrine activity was observed in laboratory tests.


Sampling area

Sampling period

1986 - 2003