Gries oberhalb Schloss

Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Alpine high valley with a clastic rock of dolomite

The Gries is a clastic rock of dolomite in the Wimbachtal. The sampling site Gries oberhalb Schloss consists of nine sampling places:

  • Spruces are sampled at six places. These are located at altitudes between 990 and 1540 metres. At the lower sites spruces grow in closed stocks whereas only sparse stocks and individual trees are found at the higher sites.
  • The other three sampling places are used for sampling of beech. They are located in closed beech forests and mixed forests at altitudes between 860 and 1000 metres.


  • A major primary producer in semi-natural and anthropogenic affected ecosystems.
  • As the most dominant deciduous tree species in Central Europe, it plays a significant role in most nearly natural and also anthropogenically influenced forest ecosystems up to an altitude of 1100 m.


Sampling period

1998 - 2022