Methyl mercury, monomethylmercury, MeHg; formula: CH3Hg+X-; CAS Registry Number: 22967-92-6

Organometallic compound that is naturally formed from inorganic mercury ions

Most frequently microorganisms in sediments and soils are involved in the methylation. Burning of wastes and fossil fuels may also lead to MeHg emissions.

Environmentally relevant data for methylmercury are:

For more information about the for chemical analysis see the Guidelines for Chemical Analysis: Quantification of Methyl Mercury Compounds in Environmental Samples by ICP-MS.

Recommended analysis examples


  • Common mussel species as invasive animal in rivers and lakes with high information level for water pollution
  • One of the most important edible mussel species common in the North and Baltic Sea

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Sampling period

1986 - 2021